Our newest team member: Senait

Hi there!

My name is Senait and I’m the newest member of the PicDrop team. I came on board as a marketing manager supporting you with all your PicDrop needs. You can find me doing all things marketing related; from managing our online presence, running campaigns, promoting events, cultivating lasting relationships with you, and everything in between.

I’m an Eritrean-American, from Denver, Colorado. My love for travel rooted from my study abroad experience in the Czech Republic. Since then, I’ve traveled to 25+ countries, completed my master’s degree in Italy and now call Germany my home. If you don’t see me traveling, you can find me enjoying outdoor activities, attending events, or hosting friends for dinner.

PicDrop wouldn’t be what it is without you; so if there is anything we can do to keep you satisfied, please let me know. You can reach me and the whole team at hello@picdrop.de.

PS: Looking to join one of the best teams in Berlin? We’re hiring! Apply here.

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