About PicDrop and our team

For Pros by Pros

PicDrop is a project by professional photographer Andreas Chudowski and designer Tobias Friese.

After years of being frustrated with the few options for delivering images to his clients, Andreas teamed with Tobias to create what is today, PicDrop. We built a tool for professional photographers that was founded with the mission to help them deliver their images in the most convenient way possible, without any confusion and time-consuming steps. On top of that, we add value to the client workflow.

Today, PicDrop is made up of nine team members (we’re hiring!) from Germany and the US and more than 250 million pictures have been sent over the last years. Our mission is to make picture transferring and editing as easy and fast as possible.

Andreas, Marketing

Bianka, Orga

Johannes, Backend

Katharina, Support

Luise, Frontend

Senait, Marketing

Tino, Frontend

Tobias, Design & Frontend

Uwe, Backend

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