Interview with Alex Buisse

Alex Buisse is a natural adventurer and succeeded in turning both of his passions for photography and adventure into work. His expedition photography has led him around the world, from sailing around Cape Horn, climbing K2, skiing the North Pole and much more. His adventurous heart has landed him as an ambassador for Nikon France, Peak Design, Moken Vision and Datacolor. He recently added humanitarian photographer to his title as he covers topics on development projects, Rio Olympics and other issues close to his heart.

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Mathis Dumas climbs steep ice deep inside Mer de Glace, Chamonix, France. Copyright Alex Buisse

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Interview with Johan Lolos

Johan Lolos is a self-taught travel photographer and adventurer from Belgium. After graduating in Public Relations in 2013, Johan traveled to Australia and began documenting his experience. His work was published by National Geographic, Buzzfeed and DailyMail, it was then he decided to go full time as an outdoor photographer. This also triggered his popularity on Instagram, labeling him one of the first trailblazers for travel photography on Instagram.

Johan Lolos’ Website
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Copyright Johan Lolos

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Interview with Neil Kremer of the creative duo Kremer|Johnson

Neil Kremer is the other half of Kremer | Johnson, a character-based portrait and narrative-driven photography duo from Los Angeles, California. With his partner Cory Johnson, this pair excels in capturing authentic moments even within the most manufactured settings. They’ve delivered large and complex productions for clients such as Visa, DirecTV, Braun, Bulletproof Coffee, and much more.

Kremer|Johnson’s Website
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“Body Builder”, Copyright Neil Kremer & Cory Johnson

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New team member alert: Johannes!

Hey, hey, hey!

My name is Johannes and I joined the PicDrop team on December 1st as a backend developer! I am working on the optimization of PicDrop’s existing backend services and the implementation of new features. I’m excited and proud to be a part of the development of PicDrop and to participate in the continuous development of the tool!

This past year I completed my Master’s in Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin. Away from the PC, I like to spend my free time doing sports and I’m a great friend of nature. I am also a motorcycle lover who likes to work on my two old treasures and take relaxed tours.

I’m looking forward to being part of this team and improve the tool for you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at!

– Johannes 

Interview with car photographer Oskar Bakke

Oskar Bakke is a car photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. Oskar was able to combine his passion for skiing and photography in the early years of his profession. Today, he works for brands such as MercedesKoenigsegg Regera, douchebagsLexus and many more. His ability to combine photography, cars and lifestyle to create his own niche has made him one of the favored car photographers on Instagram.


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Interview with Osborne Macharia


Osborne Macharia is a commercial and advertising digital artist from Nairobi, Kenya with a visual and narrative-driven style known as Afrofuturism. Cultural identity and fiction are the two key elements that govern his work. Osborne covers a range of topics including equality, ivory poaching, and FGM. His talents have been utilized by many brands and he’s been featured by CNNVogue Italia, and BBC, just to name a few. 


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Interview with Parth Gupta

Parth Gupta, a photographer from New Delhi, India was only in his early teens when he first picked up his father’s phone to capture images of clouds. Now at 22 years old, he is working as a multimedia visual artist, with photography being the primary medium. His work has been published in various magazines and presented in exhibitions across India.

Photo from the “Terra Firma” series. The project is a visual depiction of how cities in India are changing and spaces vanishing rapidly because of the urgent demand for urbanisation.

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NEW: Practical email notification for invoices

Just in time to set your resolutions for next year, PicDrop has a practical little change for you. From now on, you can change your Notifications in your Account Settings to decide if PicDrop should notify you about each new invoice by email. This way, you will be even better informed about your finances and we’ll also notify you when charges will be made to your account. In the next step, we are working on attaching the invoice as PDF to the notification email. 

Interview with Esther Mbabazi

In addition to our English version, we were thrilled to announce our latest interview series of photographers and PicDrop users from across the globe. Say hello to our first featured photographer in this ongoing series, Esther Mbabazi.

At only 23 years old, photographer Esther Mbabazi has not only left a mark on the photography scene in Uganda where she is based, but her work has also been published internationally. With a specialty in documentary photography, Esther’s work has been featured in TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and El Pais . We got to ask her some questions about her work.

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New on the team: Katharina

Hello, dear ones!

My name is Katharina and as of November 1, I am the newest member of the PicDrop team. I came to PicDrop to support Andreas and the whole PicDrop team. For me, good support means approaching PicDrop users with empathy, always with an open ear and a smile. I am therefore very happy to have been warmly welcomed to the team and by those PicDrop users that I’ve already been in contact with!

Before PicDrop, I studied German, English and Cultural Management. I tried my hand at a variety of things and spent the last three years in charge of the German-speaking customer service at JUNIQE.  I am now looking forward to new challenges at PicDrop!

I am a passionate Crazy Cat Lady and in my spare time, I love to travel the world. I enjoy visiting Greece most of all and I love to go to concerts. Every year, I attend my favorite, compulsory indie festival that Andreas too is a regular guest. He has been set up in front of our motorhome over the last years where we enjoyed many Pfeffis together. Not only do we like the same bands, we now share the same office.

So whatever your heart desires, dear PicDrop users, I am now happy to help you at!