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Infinite scrolling in the dashboard and notifications

Here at PicDrop headquarters, we are always looking for ways to improve our product for your complete satisfaction.

We recently implemented our newest feature, infinity scrolling within the dashboard and notifications. Prior to this update, you were limited to only seeing 50 galleries on the right side of your dashboard. With the newest update, you can continuously scroll until you’ve reached the end of your galleries. This allows for easy navigation through all your galleries and an overall visually appealing look to your dashboard. Continue reading… “Infinite scrolling in the dashboard and notifications”

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NEW: Sorting Sub-Galleries

With our latest big update, the Presentation View, we have also released another feature that many of you probably haven’t noticed so far: the often desired, free sorting of sub-galleries in the menu.

Previously, sub-galleries were always sorted alphabetically by name. Now you can sort them freely. This is especially useful if, for example, you have shootings that last several days that you want to sort by order or if you want your customers to enter your delivered pictures with a certain sub-gallery. For example, it makes sense to divide weddings into sections and start with “Welcoming of Guest” then “Getting Ready”, continue with the “Wedding Ceremony” and end with the “Reception”.  Continue reading… “NEW: Sorting Sub-Galleries”

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Our newest team member: Senait

Hi there!

My name is Senait and I’m the newest member of the PicDrop team. I came on board as a marketing manager supporting you with all your PicDrop needs. You can find me doing all things marketing related; from managing our online presence, running campaigns, promoting events, cultivating lasting relationships with you, and everything in between.

I’m an Eritrean-American, from Denver, Colorado. My love for travel rooted from my study abroad experience in the Czech Republic. Since then, I’ve traveled to 25+ countries, completed my master’s degree in Italy and now call Germany my home. If you don’t see me traveling, you can find me enjoying outdoor activities, attending events, or hosting friends for dinner.

PicDrop wouldn’t be what it is without you; so if there is anything we can do to keep you satisfied, please let me know. You can reach me and the whole team at

PS: Looking to join one of the best teams in Berlin? We’re hiring! Apply here.

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PicDrop’s new presentation view

PicDrop has always had three advantages over other systems:

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • And above all, many practical functions

These three functions may be enough for you. But we went the extra mile and gave you a feature to present your pictures as beautiful as possible with a click of a button. 

Watch the video below to see this new view in action

Continue reading… “PicDrop’s new presentation view”

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Disable shortening of file names and welcome text

Now you are able to adjust two behaviors of your PicDrop account in your account settings. You can find out what these functions are and what influence the deactivation of the two functions has below!

1. Disable automatic truncation of file names

Within a gallery, PicDrop always examines your images for repetitive patterns in the file names. These name parts, which are always the same from file to file, are then hidden in the image overview so that in most cases only the relevant file numbers and possibly small differences are displayed. Cool, isn’t it? Your gallery will be clearer and communication with your customers will be easier. Of course, the complete file name is always displayed in the large image view.

You can now disable this behavior if it doesn’t suit you, your file names or simply your workflow. Disabling it will affect all your galleries.

2. Deactivating the automatic collapsing of longer welcome messages

The first thing customers should see when visiting your galleries are your pictures. Nevertheless, with the welcome message, you have the possibility to pass on information to your customers above the pictures. However, so that your pictures do not slide down too much with very long info texts, the welcome text is “collapsed” from a certain length. Your customers have to click once to read the whole welcome text.

This one click is sometimes too much if your text contains very important information for your customers and you want to make sure that the information cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. Therefore you can now completely disable the automatic collapse of longer welcome texts. Your texts will then always be displayed completely, no matter how long they are and no matter how much your pictures slide down. Disabling this will also affect all of your galleries.

Both options can now be found in your account settings.

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Change of title images to 100% width

Nine months ago we introduced the ability to set large title images for your galleries that will make your galleries look more beautiful the first time you visit them. You accepted this function enthusiastically. Only one point of criticism has reached us again and again since then.

Your Critique

In your feedback, we often hear that you are not happy with our automatic image zoom. When setting a title image, you can currently define a point in the image which is always displayed automatically. No matter how narrow or wide the browser window is your gallery is opened. The resolution will also have no impact on whatever device your customers may be using. By setting the center point, we wanted to give you the possibility to emphasize a certain part of the picture. Unfortunately, this approach also meant that – depending on the device – up to 50% of the image border was “cut off“. You had no influence on how much trimming took place because it was always affected by the device the gallery was opened on. Your feedback has been very frequent: we don’t want our images to be automatically cropped or zoomed.

Exiting automatic zoom/trimming

Nothing is more important to us than your opinion. Therefore, next Wednesday we will completely disable the automatic cropping of your images at the left and right margins. Your title image is then always displayed in full width, whether on a smartphone or on a normal monitor. The image center set by you will then only have an influence on the vertical positioning of the title image.

The consequence for you

Some of you have adapted to the unloved zoom behavior by uploading extra title images with the important content (e.g. company logos etc.) pushed far into the middle from the beginning. Now, this is no longer necessary and with the conversion on Wednesday, such title photos could possibly appear out of place. Here we recommend exchanging the cover photos on the same day.

The conversion to 100% picture width will take place next Tuesday (19 December) at 12 noon.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Receiving an “upload successful” email

A practical function of PicDrop is that we always inform you at the end of your upload in both the browser and by email whether your upload was successful or not. This way you are always up to date, even if you leave your workplace during the upload or are already on your way to the next job.

Why won’t I always get this email?

Of course, we have thought a little further as usual and so we only send out this email if your upload took longer than 10 minutes. The background of this 10-minute limit is that we don’t want to annoy you with emails every time you just simply uploaded a handful of pictures and the upload took a short time (< 10 minutes). We assume that you will stay at work for shorter uploads and will notice that the upload was successful.

This entire system applies to all forms of uncomplicated PicDrop uploads: for uploading in the browser, uploading from Lightroom and, of course, via FTP tool.

Error emails

If an error occurs during your upload, e.g. because your connection was interrupted or something similar, you will always receive an email, regardless of whether the upload took only 10 seconds or 10 hours. This soon will also be the case if your storage space limit has been reached by an upload.

Sounds good. Is there more coming?

One of our next improvements will be a completely improved event system where you will be able to set for most notifications how and how often you want to be informed. As soon as we have something for you to play around with, you will find out on our blog and on Facebook!

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Upload issue with Firefox

Currently, there can be an upload issue with the Firefox browser. We’re not to blame as Firefox version 55 is. The Firefox Developer Team is working on the issue. We suggest you use another browser such as Chrome and to keep updating your Firefox browser – the issues should be solved soon. Thanks for your patience.

We will inform you as soon as the issue is resolved!

-Your PicDrop Team

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NEW: The Magnifier Function

Your customers are now able to see even better details hidden within your pictures. Is one smile better on one photo than the other? Are your eyes open enough? Is that a gull in the background? Easy answer! Just click on the new magnifying glass button below the opened image or press the “M” key and the details of an image can be admired in full magnification. You can exit the magnifying mode by clicking on the same button again, the “M” or “Esc” button. The “M” stands for “magnify”, by the way (“enlarge”).

Protecting your pictures is obviously very important to us. The magnifying glass therefore only enlarges the current image to the maximum of what you allow us to at maximum preview image size and what your uploaded image actually is. That means: if you want to give your customers really useful magnifying zooms, activate the new, high-resolution image previews in your account settings right now. The magnifying glass will then work even better for all future uploads. If an image is already displayed in the largest possible variant, the magnifying glass function is inactive.