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NEW: Practical email notification for invoices

Just in time to set your resolutions for next year, PicDrop has a practical little change for you. From now on, you can change your Notifications in your Account Settings to decide if PicDrop should notify you about each new invoice by email. This way, you will be even better informed about your finances and we’ll also notify you when charges will be made to your account. In the next step, we are working on attaching the invoice as PDF to the notification email. 

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Interview with Esther Mbabazi

In addition to our English version, we were thrilled to announce our latest interview series of photographers and PicDrop users from across the globe. Say hello to our first featured photographer in this ongoing series, Esther Mbabazi.

At only 23 years old, photographer Esther Mbabazi has not only left a mark on the photography scene in Uganda where she is based, but her work has also been published internationally. With a specialty in documentary photography, Esther’s work has been featured in TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and El Pais . We got to ask her some questions about her work.

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New on the team: Katharina

Hello, dear ones!

My name is Katharina and as of November 1, I am the newest member of the PicDrop team. I came to PicDrop to support Andreas and the whole PicDrop team. For me, good support means approaching PicDrop users with empathy, always with an open ear and a smile. I am therefore very happy to have been warmly welcomed to the team and by those PicDrop users that I’ve already been in contact with!

Before PicDrop, I studied German, English and Cultural Management. I tried my hand at a variety of things and spent the last three years in charge of the German-speaking customer service at JUNIQE.  I am now looking forward to new challenges at PicDrop!

I am a passionate Crazy Cat Lady and in my spare time, I love to travel the world. I enjoy visiting Greece most of all and I love to go to concerts. Every year, I attend my favorite, compulsory indie festival that Andreas too is a regular guest. He has been set up in front of our motorhome over the last years where we enjoyed many Pfeffis together. Not only do we like the same bands, we now share the same office.

So whatever your heart desires, dear PicDrop users, I am now happy to help you at!

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New with PicDrop: Luise


I am Luise and I’ve recently joined the PicDrop team. I’m currently preparing for my master’s thesis in Media Informatics and I came across the team when I listened to my favorite podcast ” Uncle Bobcast “. It was there Andreas enthusiastically introduced PicDrop and I immediately realized – I want to work on this team! Now I’m looking forward to implementing features in the frontend and to make your daily work easier with PicDrop. I’m actuating to improve the world with software that is as easy to use as possible.

I’ve been an enthusiastic user of PicDrop myself ever since my love for natural couple and wedding photography began. My passion first started with travel photography and evolved into other types of photography over time. In addition, I have been playing soccer with a passion for years. Although I’m no longer in competitive sports, I’m fully committed and having fun with FSV Blau-Weiß Mahlsdorf/Waldesruh team.

If you have any questions or ideas, you can always reach me via our e-mail address and you can check out my photos of couples here

– Luise 

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NEW: Customizable e-mail texts

In addition to delivering your pictures using a link and sending it via Whatsapp, e-mail, Facebook, etc., PicDrop also offers you the option to send a pre-formulated e-mail with all important data directly to your customers. 

PicDrop gives a general text by default, which fits every situation, and can be easily personalized. Now you can customize this text and save different templates for different scenarios.

Within Account Settings, select “Your Sharing Template “, then select  “Create new template” to get started! 

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PicDrop is now available in English

We’re excited to announce PicDrop is now available in English!
Our goal is to get PicDrop in as many professional photographer’s toolbox as we can. With the launch of our new English version we plan to service more users across the globe.

How can I sign up for the English version?

Just visit The page should open in English. If you still see the German version, simply switch your language on the top right corner of the homepage.

How can I switch my existing account to English?

If you’re already registered, visit the “Kontoeinstellungen” (top right corner), select “Nutzerdaten & Passwort”, scroll down and change your language settings to “Englisch”. Simple as that! Still have questions? We’re here for you, email us here and we’ll help you with changing your language settings. Continue reading… “PicDrop is now available in English”

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Infinite scrolling in the dashboard and notifications

Here at PicDrop headquarters, we are always looking for ways to improve our product for your complete satisfaction.

We recently implemented our newest feature, infinity scrolling within the dashboard and notifications. Prior to this update, you were limited to only seeing 50 galleries on the right side of your dashboard. With the newest update, you can continuously scroll until you’ve reached the end of your galleries. This allows for easy navigation through all your galleries and an overall visually appealing look to your dashboard. Continue reading… “Infinite scrolling in the dashboard and notifications”

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NEW: Sorting Sub-Galleries

With our latest big update, the Presentation View, we have also released another feature that many of you probably haven’t noticed so far: the often desired, free sorting of sub-galleries in the menu.

Previously, sub-galleries were always sorted alphabetically by name. Now you can sort them freely. This is especially useful if, for example, you have shootings that last several days that you want to sort by order or if you want your customers to enter your delivered pictures with a certain sub-gallery. For example, it makes sense to divide weddings into sections and start with “Welcoming of Guest” then “Getting Ready”, continue with the “Wedding Ceremony” and end with the “Reception”.  Continue reading… “NEW: Sorting Sub-Galleries”