NEW: Force English customer view

Moving forward, you will now be able to set in the gallery settings the appropriate language for your customer’s view.

So far, PicDrop automatically recognizes the required language for your customers. Galleries will be displayed in German for those using German browsers and non-German customers will automatically be switched to the English view without you or your customers having to do anything.

This convenient method will of course be retained in the future, but has so far brought with it two problems. First, many of you simply didn’t know that PicDrop would automatically switch to English if needed. Secondly, some photographers were always left with the last remnant of uncertainty as to whether they could trust our automatic language system 100% when sending the gallery to customers abroad.

For this reason, you can now set the language in the gallery settings. Your customers will then always see the set language, no matter where they access the gallery and which language their browser uses. Currently, PicDrop supports the languages German and English in the customer view.

Have fun with the new function!

-Your PicDrop team