New on the team: Katharina

Hello, dear ones!

My name is Katharina and as of November 1, I am the newest member of the PicDrop team. I came to PicDrop to support Andreas and the whole PicDrop team. For me, good support means approaching PicDrop users with empathy, always with an open ear and a smile. I am therefore very happy to have been warmly welcomed to the team and by those PicDrop users that I’ve already been in contact with!

Before PicDrop, I studied German, English and Cultural Management. I tried my hand at a variety of things and spent the last three years in charge of the German-speaking customer service at JUNIQE.  I am now looking forward to new challenges at PicDrop!

I am a passionate Crazy Cat Lady and in my spare time, I love to travel the world. I enjoy visiting Greece most of all and I love to go to concerts. Every year, I attend my favorite, compulsory indie festival that Andreas too is a regular guest. He has been set up in front of our motorhome over the last years where we enjoyed many Pfeffis together. Not only do we like the same bands, we now share the same office.

So whatever your heart desires, dear PicDrop users, I am now happy to help you at!