NEW: The Magnifier Function

Your customers are now able to see even better details hidden within your pictures. Is one smile better on one photo than the other? Are your eyes open enough? Is that a gull in the background? Easy answer! Just click on the new magnifying glass button below the opened image or press the “M” key and the details of an image can be admired in full magnification. You can exit the magnifying mode by clicking on the same button again, the “M” or “Esc” button. The “M” stands for “magnify”, by the way (“enlarge”).

Protecting your pictures is obviously very important to us. The magnifying glass therefore only enlarges the current image to the maximum of what you allow us to at maximum preview image size and what your uploaded image actually is. That means: if you want to give your customers really useful magnifying zooms, activate the new, high-resolution image previews in your account settings right now. The magnifying glass will then work even better for all future uploads. If an image is already displayed in the largest possible variant, the magnifying glass function is inactive.