Our new upload signal tone

Super handy: PicDrop not only sends you a visual notification but also a sound notification that your upload is finished in your browser. This only occurred if the upload took more than 60 seconds. Today, we gave our notification signal tone a makeover! Here you can listen to it:

Designing that sound was not an easy task! It had to be clearly recognizable and not too long. You should be able to hear it even when you’re not at your computer, but it should not annoy you. Not a simple job! 

So we sat down with nobody else but musician Ben Lukas Boysen and experimented for hours. Even Ben, who normally works for months on film music and great albums, learned something completely new here. Nonetheless, we were successful! The result is this small, fine sound, which will accompany you from now on through your daily work with PicDrop. Thanks, Ben!

If you don’t need the new tone during your daily work, you can turn it off here.

We hope you like the new sound and wish you a lot of fun with the next upload!
Your PicDrop Team