PicDrop’s new presentation view

PicDrop has always had three advantages over other systems:

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • And above all, many practical functions

These three functions may be enough for you. But we went the extra mile and gave you a feature to present your pictures as beautiful as possible with a click of a button. 

Watch the video below to see this new view in action

What can the presentation view do?

With the new view, you are able to send a reduced, slim gallery to your customers. Instead of our normal gallery view and its functions, your customers will be shown full-screen, vivid pictures when clicking through the gallery. This allows for the best presentation of your pictures.

The presentation view offers you:

  • Full header picture
  • Sortable sub galleries
  • To switch to edit view at any time
  • A large image overview without a distracting sidebar
  • A vivid & welcoming design
  • A beautiful horizontal navigation
  • A bright & neat picture view with full-screen function
  • A full picture view with fewer distractions
  • A “hide image”  function available to customers

To activate this new view, simply select the box in the gallery settings. If this box is checked, the gallery will automatically start in the new presentation view for your customers.

Who benefits from this view and when?

While developing this new view, we worked primarily with wedding photographers and sought feedback from them time and time again. The presentation view is also suitable for all other pictures such as event photography, landscape photography and classic portrait photography. We highly recommend the use of this view when trying to impress your customers during the delivery of the pictures.

Just one click away from the edit view

Your customers can still use all previous functions such as image selection, flagging pictures and leaving comments at any time, despite the greatly simplified functions. If you activate this view, a click on a permanently visible icon at the bottom right will take you and your customers to the edit view with all the usual options. All settings you have set for the gallery still apply here. With a click of another icon in the same location, you will return to the presentation view.

Hiding individual images

When photographing intimate moments, especially weddings, it is often that your customers do not want to display all photos for those visiting the gallery to see. Therefore, you can enable an option in your gallery settings to hide red marked photos. If your customers switch to the edit view and marked individual images in red, they can decide for themselves which images should be visible and which should be hidden.

Protect editing view with a PIN

We have developed a PIN function in order to allow editing capabilities to only those with the 4 to 6-digit PIN. To stick to the example of the wedding: if only the wedding couple knows the PIN, only the wedding couple can switch to the edit view, hide images and create selections for further edits. All other guests will receive the same link, but will only see the pictures the wedding couple wants them to see. Practical, isn’t it?

Have fun with the new view!

If you like the new features, recommend us to your colleagues and share your most beautiful galleries with us using the hashtag #picdrop. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.